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ES High Definition Sound System

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Our ES Sound System by KV2 Audio offers one of the highest quality portable sound reinforcement solutions on the market today. Hearing is believing.

For Those Who Love Good Sound!

A single ES system delivers an unrivalled high definition sound experience for small OR Large events.

[50 to 1000 people - inside OR outside!]

The ES is quick and easy to setup. Its compact size reduces transport costs and can be either ground stacked or flown. Scalable depending on application and event.  1 system is suitable for 50-1000. Add an extra ES system to deliver impeccable sound for events of up to 3000 people - and that's outside!

A complete ES system is composed of two independent stacks making up :

  • 2 x ES1.0s

  • 4 x ES Subwoofers

  • 2 x EPAK 2500 active control amplification units

  • KV2 Audio's industry leading 20MHz sampling for on board time alignment and phase correction


Th ES Sound High Definition Sound System is now available for the first time for events in Portugal. Contact us today to find out how how professional sound can make a huge impact at your event.

Don't Take Our Word For It...

Listen to It!

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