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Private Events

Having an event on the Algarve? Looking to hire speakers & sound equipment? Need an offgrid sound system? We invite you to delight your guests with the experience of the ES High Definition sound.

If you consider sound quality an important element for the success of your event, the ES PA sound system won't disappoint.

ES sound equipment is ideal for:

  • Wedding / event PA speaker system

  • Live music PA & sound

  • Villa parties needing quality sound

  • Club & dance nights

  • All nighters(!)

  • Ecstatic dance nights

In addition to supply & hire of speakers, we also supply DJ equipment for your event including:

  • Denon sc6000 DJ decks

  • Denon x1850 prime mixer

  • Allen & Heath SQ5 desk

  • Independent 7.5KW power supply

  • Stretch tents & shelters

  • Cable packages

Included with a Fundamental Sound professional  equipment package comes our commitment to the success of your event. We deliver the equipment and will be on site for the duration of the event to ensure the best possible result in sound.

We hire speakers and sound system for events in the Algarve, Alentejo, in Lisbon and all over Portugal.

The ES by KV2 Audio

Legendary Point Source System.

Amazing crowds with high definition sound since 2003.

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