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Live Music

Live performance is one element of professional sound reinforcement where the quality of the sound system is crucial. If you are passionate about the music and the accurate representation of your performance then you are in the right place.

Fundamental Sound has the equipment and know how to support you to deliver stunning live music experiences to audiences of 50-1000 people.


Typical band packages include:

  • ES High Definition Sound System: 2 x ES1.0, 4 x ES1.8, 2 x Epak2500

  • 4 x 12" stage monitors

  • Allen & Heath SQ5 mixer

  • Cable/stands/mic package

All of our sound equipment comes with 100% Fundamental  Sound commitment to making the sound quality at your event a massive success.

  • Delivery & set up anywhere in mainland Portugal & Spain. Balearics by request.

  • 24hr onsite support and sound monitoring throughout the event

The ES by KV2 Audio

Legendary Point Source System.

Amazing crowds with high definition sound since 2003.

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