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Power Management

Intelligent Power Amplification

A pair of Epak2500Rs provide the power and drive to the ES High Defintion Sound System. The Epak2500R is an intelligent, actively monitored power amplifier producing an exceptional clarity and intelligibility of signal.


The main unit consists of 4 different types of amplifiers - fast switching, current enhancing for the bass frequencies, finer class A/B for the midtops.

  • 4-way modular 2500W Control and Amplification System

  • High Frequencies 100W Class AB low intermodulation amplifier

  • Mid Frequencies 200W Class AB low intermodulation amplifier

  • Mid Bass 600W high efficiency switching amplifier

  • Sub Bass 1600W high efficiency switching amplifier

  • On board speaker management system including equalization,
    time alignment, crossover filters, amplifier overdrive protection


The Epak2500R features KV2 Audios 20MHz sampling, digital delay alignment system setting new standards for audio performance and dramatically increasing phase response precision.

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