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Clear, high intelligibility sound is an essential element to ensure the success of your conference or event.  The ES High Definition Sound equipment is the ideal choice to reinforce high quality branding and professional corporate imagery.

We can provide High Defintion Sound packages for conferences of 50 - 1000 people.

A typical conference (50-300 people) package includes:

  • ES System: 2 x ES1.0, 2 x ES1.8 subwoofers, 2 x Epak2500 power amplifier

  • 2 x Sennheiser handheld mics

  • 2 x Sennheiser lapel mics

  • Allen & Heath SQ5 mixer desk

  • Cable Package

  • Delivery & setup

To ensure the smooth running and success of your conference we support you onsite throughout the duration of the event.

The ES by KV2 Audio

Legendary Point Source System.

Amazing crowds with high definition sound since 2003.

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